A state trooper decided to give a dog a new home after responding to an abandoned animal call, Michigan officials said.

Kayla Moore, from the Gaylord Post, was called to Antrim County after getting reports of an abandoned dog, according to a July 16 post on Twitter by Michigan State Police.

She picked up the black pup and made her way to the Antrim County Animal Shelter when “something special happened,” officials said.

The two formed a bond, and Moore decided to fill out the necessary paperwork to adopt the dog named Rosie, officials said. The two “seemed to be a perfect match.”

Later, it was learned that “Rosie was a part of a litter the Michigan State Police Canine Team” was looking for, officials said.

State police said there are “numerous dogs abandoned in the Jordan Valley area of Antrim County.”

Antrim County is 250 miles northwest of Detroit.

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