Are you planning to take a road trip to Florida this summer? If so, you might have a hard time maneuvering around the state — particularly if you get pulled over by police.

A law enacted by Gov. Ron DeSantis July 1 declared certain driver’s licenses and learner’s permits from five states invalid in Florida. The restriction primarily affects undocumented immigrants and is part of a larger immigration law that critics argue is among the harshest in the country.

The law also cracks down on undocumented immigration by making it illegal to transport an undocumented person into the state and penalizing anyone who uses fake documentation to find work.

If someone presents one of the invalid driver’s licenses when pulled over, they could be issued a citation for driving without a valid permit. Residents of the five states who don’t have disclaimers on their licenses shouldn’t face citations, if pulled over.

The five now-invalid licenses and learner’s permits are from:

Connecticut and include “Not for Federal Identification”

Delaware and include “Driving Privilege Only” or “Not Valid for Identification”

Hawaii and include “Limited Purpose Driver’s License,” “Limited Purpose Provisional Driver’s License” or “ Not Valid for use for official Federal purposes”

Rhode Island and include “Not for Federal Identification,” “Driver Privilege Card” or “Driver Privilege Permit”

Vermont and include “Not for REAL ID Purposes Driver’s Privilege Card”

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