One woman is thanking a mortician whose safe driving tips may have saved her life.

On June 8, Rachel Baker (@rachelbakere), a stay-at-home mom of five, posted a video on TikTok recounting a terrifying near-death driving experience. While explaining the situation, which involved someone running a red light, Baker referenced “the lady who works at a morgue and has blonde hair” whose video about that exact issue Baker saw on her TikTok For You Page just last week. Baker believes this video helped save her life.

That same day, Lauren Eliza (@lovee.miss.lauren), the aforementioned Florida-based funeral director, stitched Baker’s video with her own.

In Baker’s video, she references Lauren’s tip about always looking both ways when the light turns green before going through the intersection. The reason for doing this, Lauren says, is because “people blow through stop signs and stop lights all the time.”

“Tell me why after I saw that video, I started implementing that into my daily routine especially because I have five kids,” Baker says. “It’s happened to me since I saw it last Friday about three times now. And so every time now, I look both ways.”

While she’s had a couple of close calls, Baker says that this day was different. She had a near-collision with a vehicle going “about 50 miles per hour.”

“Today, my soul left my f****** body,” she says. “OK, so…I’m coming straight to turn left, and I had to wait because there was a car coming first. And as I was about to go, ’cause I kind of pulled up a little bit, as I was about to go, I looked left, I looked right, I started to go, I looked left again. I s*** you not, someone came this close to hitting me…They would’ve hit, like, basically, like, right where the front of my doors at.”

“I’m telling you, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be so, like, cautious about it,” Baker adds. “Today was insane. I’ve never almost been hit by a car.”

A little over a week after being posted, Lauren’s stitched video has more than 5.3 million views, 864,100 likes and 15,900 comments. TikTok users have shared their thoughts on Baker’s chilling story and Lauren’s hand in saving her.

“I heard once on a radio station years ago that the first 2 seconds of a green light are the most dangerous. this info has saved mine and my kids lives,” @simply_being_erin replied.

“I look both ways on a one way street,” @fairchild0404 wrote. “I do not trust people’s driving skills.”

“I think of you at every stoplight,” @mamasissiesays commented.

‘I am so thankful you are still here.’

Maintaining focus and ridding yourself of distractions plays an integral role in driving safely. Putting phones on “Do Not Disturb,” for instance, will lessen the impulse of having to respond to messages or calls while on the road and potentially missing when lights turn red.

“Because we’re so phone driven, the tendency is when somebody calls us or texts us, we want to respond immediately,” Bruce Simons-Morton, a National Institutes of Health expert on teen driving, told News in Health.

According to a Forbes article from earlier this year, speeding heightens not only the risk of accidents occurring, but also the risk of severe or even fatal injuries. In total, “29% of all deadly car accidents occur as a result of speeding drivers.” In 2020, “a total of 35,766 fatal car accidents occurred on roadways across the United States. Another 1,593,930 crashes resulted in injuries and 3,621,681 caused property damage.”

In response to Baker’s video, Lauren says, “The entire time I listened to your video…I have chills. I am so thankful you are still here. Dude, I think I just saved your life. I do not believe in coincidences. I think that you were meant to see that video. I am so glad you’re OK.”

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