About 218,000 customers are still without power this afternoon, according to the Hydro-Québec’s online outage tracker.

At around 12:30 p.m., the number of customers without power was just shy of 500,000, and the outages were spread across several regions in the province.

Most of the remaining outages are in Montreal and Montérégie, with thousands of customers in Lanaudière also being affected.

Earlier this month, an ice storm knocked out power for more than one million customers.

A spokesperson for Hydro-Québec said turbo generators at the generating station in Churchill Falls, N.L., led to a “loss of production” which led to automatic shutdowns on the network.

“The network’s protection mechanisms reacted correctly, which led to the outages,” said spokesperson Cendrix Bouchard.

Hydro-Québec said service would be restored gradually, but a more specific restoration time cannot be provided. The company says estimated delays for service restoration don’t apply because there is no work that needs to be done on the distribution network.

Hydro-Québec also said the utility is investigating the reasons behind Tuesday’s failure.

It also said customers do not need to signal outages through the Info-pannes service.

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